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Expert Water Damage Restoration in Glendora, California

Does your home or business in Glendora, California need water damage restoration?  You may be feeling overwhelmed, but don’t delay — that only leaves you open to further destruction, including the need for mold remediation.  Whether you need sewage damage cleanup or just someone to take care of a bath tub overflow our water damage specialists will be there for emergency services in just 30 minutes — right on time 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Besides soaking carpet and other flooring, water immediately makes its way through any opening no matter how small and begins penetrating into the building.  In addition to the sub-floor it even creeps upwards inside walls as much as several feet above any carpet or flood level.  From there it takes weeks or longer to fully evaporate, even though surfaces may feel dry.  But it’s still there causing mold and crumbling drywall along with splitting, warping, and even decaying wood. The first day is the most critical, and your insurance company may require specific mitigation steps during a 1 to 2 day window for any secondary damage to be covered.

Our Glendora, California water damage restoration services will turn those weeks into just a few days, avoiding unnecessary repairs and getting your home or business completely back to normal much sooner.  And you won’t be worrying about what might turn up weeks or even years in the future.

Why Choose Regal Restoration Masters?

Three words — experience, equipment, insurance.

  • We have 30 years of experience providing premium technical work and outstanding customer services.  We’re fully licensed and insured, with all the skills and expertise necessary to complete the job start to finish.  There won’t be any cleanup or left over tasks for you to take care of.  Our highly trained and certified technicians are experts in a variety of skills, including inspection, specialist cleaning and disinfection, water extraction, building structural drying, mold removal and microbial remediation, and odor removal.  Our skilled crews are also ready for any repairs and reconstruction that you may need.
  • We maintain the latest equipment in damage restoration technologies.  That includes superior dryers, blowers, negative-pressure exhaust fans, HEPA filters, moisture detection meters, dehumidifiers, and odor neutralization equipment.
  • We work directly with any insurance company.  Understanding their requirements, we’ll meet their documentation and mitigation requirements for a faster and smoother claims process.  We’ll make sure we achieve pre-loss condition, or better.

Thirty years of excellence and the industry’s fastest response time in Glendora.  That also sums it all up.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

Our multi-phase process assures recovery of as many possessions and building elements as possible.  It begins with a thorough evaluation and creating a detailed plan with checkpoints and goals.  Our services can cover the building itself, any crawl space or basement, carpet and rugs, and upholstered furniture.  We’ll take care of drying, cleaning, deodorizing, and repairs to leave everything safe, clean and looking like new, and odor free.

Flood Damage Repair Isn’t Just for Floods!

Beyond pumping and debris cleanup, flood damage repair can require most if not all of our services.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) classifies natural flooding as Category 3, a major health hazard requiring specialist disinfection.  Their Category 2 — used water from sources such as sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines — is also a biohazard.  Category 1 comes directly from clean sources, but must be assumed to be filled with disease-causing organisms after 24 hours.

The IICRC also organizes restoration needs based on the amount of flooding.  Class 1 has at most a few square feet of wet carpet and affects only part of a single room.  Lifting carpet, disposing of padding, and forced ventilation are enough under some conditions.  Class 2 involves one or more rooms having wet carpets.  In all likelihood wetness has made it up the walls as much as a foot and has reached inner parts of the structure, requiring structural drying.  For Class 3, carpet or other flooring are saturated and the lower parts of walls are wet.  Structural dry out is more difficult and more careful monitoring are required.  In Class 4 less porous materials such as stone and hardwoods are saturated, calling for extreme drying measures.

Even toilet and tub problems as well as plumbing and building leaks quickly lead to Class 1 or higher conditions, requiring professional water damage restoration.

Water Extraction

After pumping out any standing liquid, our water damage restoration quickly moves on to water extraction to speed surface drying.  Our extra-powerful industry-specialized vacuum system removes as much as twice the water as many other methods, cutting a day or more off drying times.

Structural Drying

For all but the smallest of problems structural dry out is necessary to pull out excess moisture from deep within the building in a matter of a few days rather than several weeks.  That involves a variety of specialized equipment such as refrigerant dehumidifiers, spot heaters, and unique air movers.  Rather than just watching air humidity and temperature, we monitor actual material moisture content guide adjustments for the fastest drying times and to assure that the process is complete.

Sewage Backups

A sewage back up or a toilet bowl overflow with feces is clearly Category 3 and requires exceptional care and attention.  Those pathogens even become airborne, so in addition to worker protection our sewage damage clean up services include isolating the affected area and downright paranoid cleaning and disinfecting.  Sewage cleanup also involves following Glendora, state, and federal regulations regarding proper transportation and disposal of wastes.

Mold Removal

Mold can (and usually does) happen anywhere there’s lingering moisture.  Since its a fungus that includes crawl spaces, attics, and even inside walls in complete darkness.  Hidden molds may be the cause cold- and flu-like symptoms and prolonged exposure to mycotoxins can lead to very serious illnesses, especially in children and the elderly.

Because of those health hazards and the ease with which spores spread, we begin with surface and air testing (there are hundreds of toxic species other than the infamous black mold) and thoroughly isolate the work area with plastic sheeting.  Together with worker protective gear, HEPA air scrubbers and negative-pressure ventilation that keeps everyone safe during the actual mold removal.  That’s followed up with further decontamination, such as air duct cleaning and non-toxic anti-fungal treatments, to further guard against re-growth.  As with sewage cleanup, wastes are classified as hazardous materials and must be transported and disposed of properly.

Odor Removal

Bacteria and mold can lead to smells that come from past where surface cleaning can reach.  For that our thermal foggers and ozone generators create vapors that make their way into the building itself.  There they safely break down odor-causing compounds so those unpleasant smells won’t be coming back.

Water Damage Repair and Reconstruction

Repairs are often necessary beyond direct physical damage.  Anything sewage comes in contact with must be heat sterilized, so building materials are simply replaced.  And mold remediation includes removing any affected porous building material, such as drywall.  When there’s extensive destruction demolition and reconstruction and of the affected areas is often the best way forward.  Also licensed as a general contractor in Glendora, we can meet those needs as well.  Our crew’s skills include flooring, cabinetry, roofing… we can take care of whatever is called for.  And with final clean up and haul away we never leave a mess behind for you to deal with.

Glendora California

The City of Glendora faces flooding and local mudslides fairly often, so once you’re through your current disaster it’s time to become even more prepared.  According to http://www.usa.com/glendora-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm there has been 211 floods (and a major mudslide) within 50 miles of Glendora proper for the 60 years ending in 2010.  And residents may remember a localized mudslide that almost took out a house in 2014.  The website http://www.ci.glendora.ca.us/departments-services/police/emergency-preparedness is a good place to start learning and getting ready.